The Journey: Vans UltraRange UC LX

A few months ago we were asked what our interpretation was of the phrase "Getting There". After overthinking the idea a little, collectively we agreed that Getting There to us describes a process of getting from one place to another place. Simple enough right? Each day that we are on Earth - rather subconsciously, consciously, willingly or by force - we are embarking on a journey of growth; a quest in pursuit of inner fulfillment. Each day of your life serves as a different page to the novel that will become Your Life Story. We can always look back at those pages to help tell us what we have seen along the way, sometimes even laughing about where we used to be.

For a brand, their journey often parallels that of a human being. It is born, it goes through adolescence, and then eventually it develops its own identity and settles in as an adult, and then it gets set in its ways and thus plateaus. Some of us will have seen the maturation of a company, and its consumers unfold right in front of their eyes. Enter the Vans UltraRange UC LX. When Vans introduced us to the project, at first we were a bit skeptical. How could a brand that is known so well for their incredible heritage and simplicity all of a sudden want to tackle a new area with a brand new silhouette? Though a solid question, the real question that should have been asked is, how could they not?

Whether you admit it or not, technology reigns supreme, and we are in a world that is dictated by it. In our smaller, and less significant world, where sneakers actually reign supreme, you cannot deny the feeling you get when you slide your foot into a pair of comfortable sneakers. Vans took that need for comfort and blended it with a passion to maintain their heritage and came up with the UltraRange; a visual representation of the growth, and journey of the company. Since 1966, Vans has aimed to equip the consumer with product to help them perform, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Well.. a new page has turned in their story, and although they have a rich history of skate, surf and lifestyle to reflect on, it is refreshing to us, as fans, to know that we also have a progressive future to look forward to.

- Getting There -

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