Disruption of Women 2021

Disruption of Women 2021
Since the dawn of time women have been disruptive. Changing narratives, pushing the boundaries, eliminating the status quo. Using their voices to be heard in a world that pushes normality. Time after time, year after year, decade after decade women have to continually go above and beyond to be heard. 
Well, we hear you.
We celebrate you.
We are hyping you.
We praise you.
Sole Classics Presents: The Disruption of Women.  Disruptiveness can happen at any age , any place or any state in one's life, there is no limit. Understanding that purpose and passion will cause disruption in spaces but KEEP fighting. Never let yourself go small to fit the confines of this world. 
Our Disruption of Women Adult and Child T-shirts will be available Friday, July 2nd at 12:00pm EST in-store, online and on the Sole Classics App.
Director/Editor: Madison Van Buren
DP/Colorist: Syd Lawson 
Creative Director:
JaLynn Hairston
Alyse Nelson
Grip: Gracie Becker
Charisse Baines
Aarin and Amari Johnson
Jana Al-Akhras 
Tiffany Chen
Kristie Marshall
Maddie Heldman
Maya Martinez
The Cordelion Performing Arts Academy 
Zurie Studio

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