Community Releases: Huckleberry House Sleep Out 2022

Community Releases: Huckleberry House Sleep Out 2022
FIFTEEN THOUSAND NINETY TWO REASONS TO SAY THANK YOU. The strength of our sneaker community is alive, well, and unmatched. We often see the negative comments related to sneaker releases but when you get a chance, visit the Huck House Sleep Out page and read the positive and radiant energy that flows through each word shared. 
The sneaker game is tough, we all want what we want and I for one hate when I don’t get what I want, however, when we take a moment to reflect on issues like youth homelessness and situations that have a higher need, it always brings me back to reality and back to my senses. 
THANK YOU ALL. In a perfect world I’d gladly choose all of you who donated to win the item that you seek, but in reality, you  actually won the moment that you chose to support others ahead of yourself. We will keep asking for more pairs of the shoes you want so that we can align with causes that shape our community and potentially change our world. 
On behalf of the Huckleberry House, the Look Ma’ No Hands Non-Profit Organization, and Sole Classics.. Thanks

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